lunes, 18 de diciembre de 2006

en camino a la mixteca

The first post to the blog must begin with a huge thank you to everyone supporting the work Emily and I have come to do in Mexico. The money and supplies you all donated are going directly to CACTUS-Center for Communal Support-based in La Mixteca region of Oaxaca.

Betty from CACTUS met with us today in Mexico City. It was amazing to see her and her two kids who she hadn't seen in month. Betty talked to Emily and I for hours today about the situation in Oaxaca and more specifically in La Mixteca.

Tonight we leave for Huajuapan de Leon in La Mixteca region of Oaxaca to see for ourselves what's happening there.

More concrete info to come soon.

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bikes dijo...

que se cuiden mucho. estamos aqui
en austin trabajando en un poster
sobre el ppp y mucha banda aqui esta
muy pendiente de lo que esta pasando.
les mandamos mucho amor y soledaridad
desde austin!


Bay dijo...

Pinchi Tennesee y Emily!! I made it back to Maine. I was hoping to see you in Durham, Tenn, and Maine, Pos, but I'm mmuch happier to know you all are in Mexico. I'm psyched to be reading the blog so keep us up to date.
Love -B

Fiona dijo...

hi blog-girls/bloggers, hope your work is still going well, that your equipment is working, your bodies are safe, your minds are witnessing and making change, your friends are in determined and strong spirits, and that your plans are growing. we're all thinking of you and sending good wishes from afar. i finally escaped d-town! besos, fiona